A Pound of Flesh

002:  Shannon joins the geeks this week as we review the seminal porn parody, Flesh Gordon, and dig deep into the troubled history behind this bizarre film. We also talk about strap-ons at the office, gay porn college, and Tip ruins a man’s life.

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001:  This week the Dumb Geeks get to the bottom of VR chat rooms, kissing nuns, mail order anime, and dying in outer space.

Show Notes

The following are links to articles mentioned in the podcast.

Trump’s EPA says air pollution can’t kill you

Fancy a game of hide and squeak? Rats love to play, scientists find

Mice Sing Ultrasonic Love Songs Akin To A Jet Engine

CES 2019: Moore’s Law is dead, says Nvidia’s CEO

Did Albert Einstein Say World War IV Will be Fought ‘With Sticks and Stones’?

The Wildest Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories, Debunked

Did Neil Armstrong really leave his daughter’s bracelet on the moon?

Proof that female ejaculation is just pee

Columbia anniversary: Nasa managers struggled with telling crew of danger


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